A project is a collection of folders and forms that has a name.

Add a project

Simply press the Add button to open a subform where you can define a project. You must provide a name. The checkbox Enabled can be disabled if you want to exclude this project from the app without actually deleting it.

Clicking Save creates the project and will show some other views.

After the project has been created, we can specify which folders and forms are visible within the project.

Double click a folder from the All Folders side to move it to the Folders Shown In Project. These changes are saved immediately. Double clicking a folder on the right side removes the folder from the project: it will no longer be visible within the project.

The same thing goes for the forms: double click a form to move it from one side to the other side. Forms on the right hand side are visible within the current project.

Editing a project

When selecting a project and clicking the Edit toolbar button, the same subform opens, but this time all values are filled. You can change the name, icon and color of the folder, change which folders and/or forms are visible within this project and even disable the project. Don’t forget to save your changes.

Deleting a project

After selecting a project you can click the Delete toolbar button to delete a project. This removes the entire project from the app. Users that currently have the project selected can continue on this project, until they re-open the app or sync manually. They app will then tell them the project is no longer available to them and sends them to the select project form.