This management form is used to specify which forms can be shown in K2 Business Apps. It maps a K2 form system name to a custom display name, description and whether the form is enabled.

Add a form

Clicking the Add toolbar button will open a subform where a new form can be defined. You first pick the K2 system name of the form you want to expose in K2 Business Apps. Then you provide the display name and description of the form that will be shown in the app. The checkbox Enabled can be unchecked if you quickly want to disable a form.

As of version 1.5 of K2 Business Apps, you can select an icon and color for the form. The icons are taken from the FontAwesome Light icons. You can search for an icon using the auto complete control.

Click Save once you’re done to save the form definition. More views will pop up.

Form categories

After your form has been added, it will not immediately appear in K2 Business Apps. We first need to indicate in which category or categories the form falls. Categorizing the form is done by double clicking one of the available items, which will transfer the item to the selected items. Removing a form from a category is done by double clicking a selected item, which will transfer the item back to the available items.


Selecting and Deselecting an item is saved immediately.

More information on the form categories can be found in the article Form Categories.

Form parameters

Most forms use parameters. The bottom section shows these parameters and their default values. Here you can override the default values and set static values that will be used when this form is opened in the app. You simply need to double click an item in order to edit it. Disabling a parameter only disables your overwritten value, not the form parameter itself: the default value will still be used.


Changes in the parameters are saved immediately when the subform for editing a parameter is closed.

Editing a Form

When you double click a form in the forms list, or when you single click a form followed by clicking the Edit toolbar button, the Form subform is opened again with all data entered previously. You can change all values as you like, just remember to click Save.

Deleting a form

When a form is deleted it can no longer be used in K2 Business Apps. Deleting a form in these management form does not delete the actual K2 form.