The app allows you to change the theme per server. A theme consists of a logo, which is shown on the login page, and the color scheme.

To create a custom theme, you need to place a file “Theme.json” next to the already existing “EndPoints.json”. The contents of the theme file is shown below. All of the elements are optional. Omitting a color or image results in the default color or image of K2 Business Apps.

      "Background": "#000000",
      "Shadow": "#909090",
      "Accent": "#008000",
      "Text1": "#808080",
      "Text2": "#101010",
      "Watermark": "#333333",
      "Highlight": "#BBBBBB"
      "Login": "Images/Logo.png"

The “login” image in this case is located in a directory called “Images” located next to the Theme.json file.